Paint Thinning Patience

You learn a lot in the early months of marriage or at least that’s what I am told.  Whether it be the marriage or by chance, I have learned the definition of what sounded like a familiar word.  Budget,  I believe in France the “t” would be silent.  Mais oui, my point.  We are not in France and with my new (forced) vocabulary sticking to my mind like a fresh coat of paint I start my journey into the D.I.Y. cost effective lifestye.  merd.

Our kitchen is the pulse of our home.  We start our mornings in the kitchen sipping chickory Community coffee.  Oh who am I kidding, chugging coffee as we race out of the door.  We end our nights loading dishes into the sink dreaming that when we reach into the cabinet the next morning to get our coffee mugs there will actually be a clean cup resting on the shelf  (just one cup is fine with me, I leave for work a hour before Quin).

However, these days the only thing that rests on our shelves is the newest coat of Annapolis grey that seems to be on it’s own drying schedule and not mine.  We spend so much of our time in our kitchen we decided to give the old gal a much needed facelift, Day 1 has turned in to Day 8.  There is no sign of the end.  The quality of the work is AMAZING, undoubtably that of a professional.  But before you put your wife on a budget, what amount of money is worth saving if you live like you belong on Hoarders?

Like I said, you learn a lot in the first few months of marriage.  I’d love to learn the number to a professional painter in the Jackson area.  I’ll post photos of the completed project.  See you in 2012!


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