Bodega – Jackson, MS

Photo Credit:  Creative Process

Photo Credit: Creative Process

The western edge of downtown Jackson has really taken off in the past year or so.  The King Edward restoration/conversion, at the heart of the renaissance, was quickly followed by the restoration  of the Standard Life building and its conversion into apartments.  But downtown Jackson was a food desert; there was not even a single place to buy a six pack of beer.  Enter Bodega.

Located on the ground floor of the Standard Life building, Bodega fills a much-needed void.  They sell groceries and beer, and serve breakfast (all day!), plate lunches and sandwiches.  We caught them on their ribbon cutting, and they were serving a special menu.

Not a bad deal for six bucks.  Black bean soup (passable), pastrami (great) and turkey (good) sandwiches, and tiramasu (excellent) were served in a heavy-duty Bodega lunch sack.  Of course I need two sandwiches for lunch, don’t be silly.

They have about six large tables that fit in nicely with the art-deco character and feel of the building.  The standard menu prices looked ridiculously low – think $4.75 for a burger – and had some interesting variety.

Bodega is an instant go-to for the downtown living crowd, and will probably be a hit at lunch as well with prices like that.

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3 Responses to Bodega – Jackson, MS

  1. phildo says:

    Why are you buying beer downtown next to your office?

  2. QB says:

    Since when did you need a reason for buying beer next to an office?

  3. phildo says:

    Good point, comment withdrawn!

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