Breakfast for Dinner

So it was a warm winter’s night and the fridge was bereft of legitimate meats or vegetables.  McDade’s market is nearly a half mile away and clearly not an option.  What is a poor newlywed couple supposed to eat?  Bacon, eggs, hash browns, grits and broiled tomatoes?  For dinner?  Well OK.

Fire up the Big Green Egg and get a cast iron skillet super hot.  Add butter and frozen hashbrowns, and crispify.  Slap on some bacon, cook,  and immediately eat as you watch the hash browns get crispy.  Do not tell anyone about this step.  Then cook some more bacon to put on the plate.  Place five beaten eggs in enameled dish and cook gently until scrambled but still soft.

Back in the kitchen, boil a small pot of water and add 1/2c of quick grits.  Once cooked, add some jalapeno Mississippi State cheese spread.  This combination is awesome.  Dip bacon into cheese grits for a classy hors-d’oevres.  Broil one ripe tomato and a bunch of overripe cherry tomatos, salt liberally, and plate everything up real purdy-like.

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2 Responses to Breakfast for Dinner

  1. Proper Chef says:

    Seriously? Quick grits? Disappointing.

  2. QB says:

    I know, I know. I may as well start eating cream of wheat. One of the great parts of this blog is that I get to admit dirty little secrets like that, it is like going to confession. Plus the addition of the Mississippi State cheese would have ruined the delicate flavors and textures of stone ground grits….right?

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